Marianne Elversøe

Owner & Digital Analyst


Digital analytics is to me a wonderful profession that I have grown into since building the first website 20 years ago. It embraces my education and background within marketing. That’s why I founded my company,, in 2010.

These days, the amount and type of data available is ever increasing and I have received more and more interest for diving deeper into using several analytic tools.

My portfolio now counts many bigger Danish companies, and partnering with German companies on further development of those tools.

However, getting meaning out of data across sources and being able to make decisions based on these data, has not become easier.

This is my passion, and this is what this site is about!

I’d love to hear from you. If this site is helping you, and if not, what you would like to hear more about instead. Don’t be shy – this is about your daily challenges as a marketer and your opinion matters. Contact me below, or shoot me an email at

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